Artist Reception Nov. 4th 6 to 9p

Opening Reception Friday, November 4th 6-9pm
November Featured Artist: Tristan Francis, Assemblages
Tristan Francis grew up in Oberlin, Ohio, a small college town. This setting, which blended small town life with all that a renowned liberal arts college has to offer, was ideal. The son of an artist, his upbringing was steeped in culture, exposing him to myriad forms of art, music and theater. He received a Bachelor’s degree in English from Oberlin College and worked rebuilding grand pianos for the Oberlin Conservatory of Music upon graduating. Tristan relocated to Portland in 1989.
Over the last two decades, with no formal training, Tristan has experimented with various forms of creative expression and, in the last few years, has settled upon mixed media assemblage as his favored medium.
Tristan’s works range from purely abstract explorations of a capricious medium to more symbolic representations. “My ‘Telephone’ series explores metaphors for the pitfalls of interpersonal communication with devices cobbled together from found objects. ‘The Machinery of Happiness’ series consists of ‘machines’ whose functions and products can only be imagined. Their suggestive handles, buttons and dials invite your participation in the process of creating happiness.”
Tristan succeeds in combining the delight of found objects with thoughtful, imaginative composition in this selection of assemblages. We know you will enjoy discovering them.

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